Being Naughtie

Liz Corset“Life’s Nycer When It’s Naughtie.”

I’m a writer & blogger on all flavors of fiction (erotica, romance, thrillers, inspirational, and poetry), a commentator of societal ills, relationships, dating, and a chronicler of my journey to become a full time writer.

My style of writing reflects my life; open, unabashed, and willing to take risks. I don’t shy away from uncomfortable subjects, and I revel in the naughtier pleasures of writing. It is my personal flavor of the written word and lust for creative expression that I wish to share with a like minded blogosphere and readership.

Featured Work

Debut Book: “Naughty Notions” A Collection of Erotic, Humorous, & Heartbreaking Short Stories.

Blog Serial: “No Mercy General” is a paranormal blog serial that debuted on 9/7/09. At this hospital the bedside manner is a killer.