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Damn Sandy!

“National Novel Writing Month, what an excellent idea,” I thought out loud. Talk about a senior moment; I totally forgot Sandy was in the room. He’d come over for a little quality time with his attitude in tow. Normally we’d spend every night together, snuggled under the blankets, remote control in hand, half watching something on the Discovery Channel. That was before I got a second chance at a writing career. Since then, a lot has changed between us.

“Uh uh, not this again. Between work, the kids and your on-and-off again movie nights, I hardly get to see you anymore.” Hurt battled with hopefulness over his normally gentle and seductive expression. After forty-two years on the back burner, he’d more than served his time. Though he wasn’t ready to call our relationship quits, enough was enough.

Sandy stood in the middle of my bedroom like some mythological god. His arms folded over his chest with legs parted in a warrior stance, I knew this argument was going to the mat, or my pillow-top mattress if he had anything to do with it, which of course he did.

“Hon, don’t be that way. It’s really not going to be all that bad. I’ve already done my research and outlining. The scene sketches were done weeks ago, and I’ve dreamed of these characters for so long, I know every pimple on their collective butts.”

“Damn.” Sometimes it’s easy to forget, especially when we disagree, how very sensitive he can be. I didn’t need to see the sudden glisten of his eyes or stillness of his hand-tooled pecs to know I’d wounded him deeply. We had a long-standing agreement that unless he invited them, no one else could visit with me on his time. How ugly this was going to get, I wasn’t sure. It didn’t really matter. I had it coming.

With teeth clenched so tightly, air barely passed through, he reached for the overnight bag he’d earlier flung to the floor. Quicker than a blink he snatched out a blackish-blue velvet pouch, and without even a sideways glimpse at me, stomped through the bedroom sabotaging my newly acquired determination.

First, he sprinkled my laptop with doze-ease, professional strength. He then spritzed every pen and pencil with a violet colored solution, I immediately recognized as essence of daydream. Next, he used a peacock feather coated with procrastination to dust the pillows. As if this weren’t enough, he slathered my bed with crème-de la-fatiguetigue. Only then was he satisfied and returned his attention to me.

Before I’d inhaled my next breath, he’d stripped out of his clothes, ripped the cellophane off a small silver flask and sauntered toward the bathroom. Just as he was about the go through the door, he turned and nailed me with the sexiest lopsided smirk I’ve ever seen. Afraid to move, I waited until I heard the shower before I chanced a peek at the discarded label on the floor.

“Wet-dream by Phantastique? Aw, hell no!”

Karma Is A Bitch

Concrete walls and lacquered floors scented the corridor with a dank freshness from their recent hosing. Security lights and monitors lit the long walkway, as steel bars glowed with fairy-dusted sheen. Midnight, start of third shift, and all was quiet in the pen.

Marvin Purvis stood inside the cage of a new arrival, an investment banker, badly abused by the other animals. Wide-eyed it cowered in a corner.

Marvin shook with rage at the inhumanity before him.

“I lost my home, marriage, and retirement,” Marvin barked as he stomped toward the stunned creature and unzipped his fly. “Assume the position.”

Tell Me What You Want

“Ring, damn you,” he spat at the disobedient contraption. Three hours before his flight to the East Coast, and Nathan hadn’t slept a wink. Frustration and desire competed for dominance over his common sense, as he paced his empty bedroom with the temperament of a hounded wolf.

For the umpteenth time, he went over the scenario in his head. He had twenty minutes to get ready, a forty minute drive to her place, maybe fifteen minutes together, another forty minutes to the airport, and thirty minutes tops to check-in and catch his flight. “FUCK!”

Visions of Desia on all fours, warm and inviting, raced through his mind. His already stiffened member jolted. So strong was his need that he’d half dressed, and begun a frantic search for his shoes, before the demon timepiece on the nightstand doused his intent with cold reality: three twenty-six a.m.




“I know it’s incredibly early to be calling, baby–but I really needed to hear your voice.”

“Don’t worry about it. I guess the same thing kept you up too?”

“Do you mean a raging hard-on that won’t quit until I make you forget your name. If so, you’ve done a great job at tucking, since I’ve never noticed we had the same plumbing.”

In spite of his maddening state, the Demi Moore huskiness of her voice always did something for him, and he couldn’t help smiling at the good-natured chuckles that filtered through the line.

“Ah poor thing, maybe I can help? You’ll need to tell me what you want.”

“You, naked on my bed, face down, ass up, but since that’s not likely…”

“Tell me what you want, daddy.”

“Undress for me, baby.”

Intently he focused on the temptress at the other end of the line, as memories of her rod-hardening cocoa skin, mouthwatering full breasts, and spank-me behind streamed across his closed lids in agonizing high definition.

Transfixed by her voice and varying states of undress, Nathan found himself unprepared for a spasm that shot through his member, with the intensity of a kick to the groin. Using both hands, he gripped the length of his engorged shaft, and fell back onto the bed in utter surprise. Buttocks taut with tension, helm coated in expectation, Nathan desperately fought to keep his passions in check. Tears of frustration welled in his unfocused gaze as he stuttered his plea. “I-I-I don’t think I can w-w-wait. Sing for me baby, p-p-please.”

She too had been close to climax, and it wasn’t long before he heard her love song in ear-piercing decibels. Her serenade was all the permission he needed.

His palms became slick with sweat. “That’s it baby.”

His scrotum tightened. “Only for me, baby.”

Back arched, toes clenched, Nathan erupted with molten abandon. “Fffuuuccckkk! Baby, I love yyyooouuu.”


Startled by the alarm’s high-pitched bleating, Nathan snatched the clock from the nightstand and hurled it against the nearest wall. Aroused by the sight of the ruined device, he headed for the bathroom and a cold shower.