No Mercy General – Installment 11

Clang, clang, chatter, chatter, clickety-clop, quiet.  Ah, quiet!

No more thunder of metal to rattle the railing or quake the glass door.  No more blaring lights to weaken resolve or blind purpose.  No more bothersome humans with their ridiculous bickering and proclamations of self import.  Only peace, quiet, and the cool dark comforts of shadow.

Under the stairwell, beyond the reach of light, crouched in the furthest corner she waited.  Stiller than stone, every muscle cemented in place, without as much as an involuntary spasm.  So shallow her breath, not even a highly polished mirror could detect it.  Though chlorine stringent and cloying hung low in the air, neither an eye teared, nor a nostril twitch.

She was death.  Relentless.  Unforgiving.  Patient.  As years became decades, and decades became centuries, she waited.  Death and justice claimed mortal and immortal alike.  In this everyone must pay their due.

Deceptions of the father learned well by the son.  Her enemy was cunning.   Hidden in the open among patients and staff complicated matters.  Another innocent had fallen, one of many, during this age old pursuit.  All the more severe the sentence when meted out.

The aura of dual-natured beings like herself overlaid the drabness of the natural plane in vibrant and rhythmic primal energy.  Though the majority of humans were ignorant of such splendor, a few over time developed the ability to attract another’s aura onto themselves.  Like a coat borrowed on a bitter night is soon retrieved by it’s owner, so too does the aura dissipate and return to the ether that birthed it.  A tragic lesson relearned.

Bang, bang, stomp, stomp, chirpity-chirp, panic.  Yes, panic!

Heavy metal doors slammed against concrete walls.  More humans, annoying and unnecessary piled onto the landings above, pounding their feet like defiant juveniles, as they progressed toward the basement.  Walkies, cell phones, and the overhead system chirped, clicked, and buzzed with all the frenzy of a playground after last bell.

Anger and disbelief joined together, as curses and prayers further displaced the unnatural quiet.  While an undercurrent of panic charged the air with why, how, could it, and what if.  Lots of what if.

Wasn’t him.  Must think. No escape next time.

Pressed into the juncture of concrete walls the temperature of Hades frozen over, not a goose-bump disturbed her fish-belly white complexion .  Absorbed by the mission, complete within herself, the outer world with its distractions ceased to exist.

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